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Concept car

Our company received a commission that contained the pure electric car system design, preparation of control software further design and supply of its wheel-hub motors.

Wheel hubmotorThe concept car is driven by 4 pieces of self-ventilated, electrically commutated, permanent magnet wheel-hub motors. The carry-out of wheels is such that the rotor with permanent magnets are connected to wheel discs, thus they rotate, while the three-phase armature is standing, this part is fixed to car half-axle. The magnets in the rotor provide radially directed flux. The two rear motors are equipped with hydraulic disc brakes, those are located inside the motors, between the rotor and armature.

Prototype motorsWe applied a modular control unit from a big serial production line as vehicle controller, whose CPU and I/O modules are chosen in accordance with targeted task. Into dashboard of car there are located 3 pieces of 7”LCDs. These show the pictures of rear view cameras, show the main parameters and state signals, such as speed, battery voltage and time.

For the ensuring the requested distance we installed high energy density, Li based battery group, that is suitable for providing big discharging current during acceleration. This traction battery group is capable to receive high level recuperating currents during braking as well. The battery pack is equipped with a management system that measures the cell voltages and temperatures.

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