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Our software design activity covers the preparation of operational softwares on PLC or PC based controllers, remote controllers, data acquisition and display systems and human machine interface units (operator panels, panel PCs). Further, involved our partner company we can provide embedded software based applications.

Our engineers base the work on their decades of experience in field of vehicle control and traction system design during elaboration of a concrete operational structure and control concept. In preparation of our softwares we strive to follow the modular architecture for the aim of clearer structure and easier later modification on wish. We prepare the software implementations with up-to-date development circumstances, like CoDeSys, SELECTRON Symphony, SELECTRON TOP 1131, SELECTRON CAP 1131, C++ Builder, etc. Communication protocols: RS 232, RS485, ETHERNET, CANOPEN, SAE J1939, WTB, MVB.

The software passes through careful and detailed preliminary and during putting into operation on-the-spot tests. After commissioning the ready softwares are to be handed over for our Customers or put them down at a lawyer or notary, depending on agreement in the contract. By this solution we make the later modification or failure investigation easier for our Customer in case our company is obstructed because of any reasons.

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