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Some videos about the tram:

 New, 8-axle tram for Addis Ababa City, Ethiopia with asynchronous traction system

In beginning of year 2011 the GTKB Ltd, Baja contacted with our company that a financing and main contractor partner was looking for engineering office for design a brand new tram for Addis Ababa.

Our company signed that it was interested in with pleasure taking such a project and for mechanical design we suggested the Hungarian company named Invent Ltd.

In 2011 the production was started with our company and earlier mentioned ones and in 3 years, in a frame of technology transfer, the prototype tram was built in workshop of Ethiopian company Metec.

In project the task of our company were the followings:

  • traction- and control system design,

  • finding the best main components and suppliers of these items

  • specification and finding all electric units (from relays till traction system)

  • providing the main arrangement together with mechanical designer office based on our system design,

  • integration in system up-to-date CAN based traction- and control systems

  • supply of the CAN control system

  • providing of complete electric documentations (theoretical schemes, assembling drawings, wire branch design and wiring drawing)

  • electric and mechanical documentation of roof containers

  • mechanical design of controller frames and driver’s desk panels

  • design and coding of vehicle control system software

  • training for Ethiopian experts

  • carry out the assembling together with Ethiopian experts

  • start-up of tram

The Addis City Tram has the following favorable features:

  • low maintenance cost tanks to asynchronous traction motors

  • energy saving operation by lossless acceleration and recuperation ability

  • good wheel-rail wearing thanks to well proven bogies with disc brakes and excellent running behavior from a high number serial comparing to other rigid frame 100% low floor trams

  • modern diagnostic facilities with color display in driver’s desk

  • rear view cameras and monitors

  • esthetical external and internal appearence

  • motor operated pantograph

  • low floor section in middle for help the traffic of disabled passengers

  • modern and wide slide type doors with external and internal buttons for local handle for the aim of fast passenger change

  • high level of passenger protection against grip for safe get-on and get-off.

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