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Our company is called beside that thought, that one of the most important device for improving our living conditions if we can make steps forward in development of public transportation vehicles. Improving of public transportation vehicles is the way that leads to a rapid improvement in life of most citizens.

The European Union created the “Trolley” program in frame of Central Europe program involved 9 organizations. The target of this program is the support of trolleybus development as part of sustainable and modern public transportation, further the aim is the improving of picture of trolleybuses and their operation.The participants, creators of this program, furthermore some other European transportation companies, establishments have signed a supporting declaration in which they have pledged themselves beside the development of electric transportation and inside this the trolleybus system operation.

Our company also signed this declaration during Trolley Final Conference, held 22-23. January 2013 by Szeged Transportation Company, where a traction battery driven trolleybus was introduced that formation our colleagues had been playing serious role in.

The list of companies those signed the declaration can be read in the following website: http://www.trolley-project.eu/index.php?id=43.

We think it important to say in whole manners that operation of electric and hybrid vehicles is essential in big cities with contaminated air. We think that not only the technological level but the thinking of decision makers are ready for the turning possibility regarding improvement of number of electric vehicles.

We detect with pleasure that in evolution of Formula 1 race cars there is a turn toward the electric driven, hopefully signed the direction for manufacturers of commercial cars as well.

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