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The traction battery charger is located in a container that is lockable with special key. The door of force ventilated container can be opened upward that ensures the easy access to the units inside in case of maintenance or repair.

The traction battery charger gets the supply from an auxiliary converter 3x400 V, 50 Hz output. The supply AC voltage is converted by a 3 phase 6 pulse bridge connected thyristor rectifier. The adjustable voltage and current level DC energy, via the located smoothing reactor, is led to container output and from there to the traction battery group. The thyristor controlled rectifier receives the 3 phase input voltage via a commutating choke. The container contains the input 3 phase contactor as well.

The battery charger, during normal line running of trolleybus (electric bus), charges the batteries with constant 25 A up to 480 V dc voltage level. When the output voltage reaches the 480 V dc level the charger switches over to the constant voltage operation. When the charging current drops under a preset low level, then the vehicle controller terminates the charging and the battery group is ready for next duty.

The traction battery charger communicates with central vehicle controller via CAN network. It receives commands from diagnostic and vehicle control equipment and sends back state signals.

Main parameters of traction battery charger:

Type: VAT1-25
Nominal input voltage: 3x400 V
Nominal input frequency: 50 Hz
Output voltage range: 100-500 V dc
Output current: 0-25 A
Mass: ~ 55 kgs
Size (L x W x H): 600 x 350 x 600 mm
Vezérlési tápfeszültség: 24 V dc (16,8 V – 30 V dc)
Control voltage: CAN
Cooling: Forced ventilation
Shock and vibration standard: EN 60068-2-64, EN 60068-2-29
EMC standard: EN 50121-3-1
Operational temperature range: -25°C - +50°C
Relative humidity: Max. 99 %

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