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When you need to roll...

Vehicle design

Vehicle design

Our company provides an overall service for our Customers in field of system design of electrically driven vehicles (such as trolleybuses, electric buses, diesel electric and hybrid locomotives, electric boats and free-time e-cars).

Vehicle assembling

Vehicle fixing

We undertake the manufacturing of control and power current containers of different electrically driven vehicles. During production we follow the valid EU and International standards further we install only high quality components. Our electric assembling of vehicles fulfills on high quality level.



We undertake the planned and on request maintenance further failure reparation of products of our company and products of former Ganz companies.

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About Us



Our company was established for the aim that playing significant role amongst engineering offices in Hungary practicing in field of reformatted vehicle industry.

From beginning of 1990s until today vehicle industrial companies became victims of privatizations such as Ganz Electric Works and its successor companies (Ganz-Anslado Co, Ganz Transelektro Co.).


Did you know, that

  • FRIDA’s traction battery group can be charged from standard 3x400 V, 50 Hz network?

  • MANCI is equipped with up-to-date CAN based control and diagnostic system?

  • T-813 got pneumatically operated current collector during rebuilding?

  • M3 got an electrically operated pantograph during modernization?

  • FREDDIE hauls, already in the third time, the famous and traditional Santa Claus Train between Dorottya station and Lillafüred?

  • M3 is the only one service tram (locomotive) in Hungary that is able to run with lower current collector thanks to installed diesel-electric generator set?

  • T-813 was the first battery fed trolleybus in Szeged?

  • FREDDIE was the first hybrid locomotive in Europe that was officially authorized for regular passenger traffic?


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