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Our company’s experts, thanks to their experience and knowledge, mainly work in field of vehicle traction- and system design and connecting information system topics.

During projects we deal with asynchronous and permanent magnet ac traction system design further with chopper controlled and traditional resistor controlled dc traction system design. We also deal with drive system specification and, depending on contractual situation, with manufacturing or purchasing of them. Regarding energy source we design vehicles supplied from ac or dc overhead line, on-board traction battery group, diesel-generator set or from these combination. But we take part in non-usual solution design with pleasure.

The processor based control system design and preparation are individual or traction system specific task, which besides operation of vehicle provides high level diagnostic functions. During vehicle design we prepare the concept of traction and control systems based on technical agreement with our customers. Based on calculations and simulations we define the parameters of power current systems, then fitting to the special task we elaborate the control system arrangement. We specify the operational software of chosen controller in detail.

During software preparation we test the sub-modules of software in laboratory and if possible in vehicle circumstances. In software writing we use our standard and many times proven software modules and solutions. Thus the work can be accelerated and what is more important the reliability can be increased. We aim for modular arrangement in location of the power current and control components in vehicle. The single units can be tested partly or totally immediately after assembling.

After assembling of vehicle we carry out the test those are prescribed by standards and requested additionally by our customers. These tests are in set of insulation-, still-stand- and running tests. Then we test totally the operational software functionally and the whole vehicle on system level.

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