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Service locomotive with diesel-autonomous running facility

Our company signed a contract in 2009 autumn for taking part in modernization project of a two-axle service locomotive. We made the system design of diesel electric traction and new processor control system of the existing loco which needed refurbishment and modernization.

In frame of project the locomotive has been equipped with a permanent magnet diesel-electric generator unit which has to supply the demanded power value for traction and auxiliary systems. In the course of refurbishment the original traction components remained (like resistors, power current controller, traction motors, etc.). The operation of whole system is controlled by a new processor based vehicle controller equipment.

In this work the following tasks were fulfilled by our company:

  • mechanical design of installation of diesel-generator set,
  • modification of main power circuit of loco and fitting of diesel-generator circuit,
  • design of vehicle control system, providing of operational software,
  • putting into operation.

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