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E91-E electric bus

At the end of 2013 our company decided to develop a new innovative vehicle with the Danubian Aircraft Company - which company is our currently the most important partner in the development of innovative vehicles – using a Norway repurchased E91 midi-bus and generates a technological demonstrator.

The resulting prototype electric bus demonstrate the marketable viability of the system. The system devised by our plan includes an integrated roof container unit, a vehicle's CAN control system, as well as in several vehicle type already proven battery management system developed by our company. The system design of the traction motor and drive electronics is respect of a series of products, available in the market.

The main virtue of the development is the new roof container SPRO-COMPACTO, which provides the power for steering pump and air compressor drive motors, charge the 24V vehicle electrical accumulators and traction batteries. The roof container unit with modular 24V output power has been designed and manufactured so that the 24V output power can be increased for feeding an air-conditioning unit in the driver cab or in the passenger compartment.

The system also comprising a central controller, which is not only the vehicle's electrical system, but also the power system is controlled, make diagnostics.

The bus chassis modification works and the creation of external and internal appearance prepared by BKV Railway Vehicle Repair Ltd, in accordance with the provisions of the Budapest Transport Company.

The E 91 midi buses converting the resulting E91-E electric bus has the following advantages:

  • favourable consumption thanks to the high efficiency of the drive system and regenerative braking to traction battery,
  • diagnostics include a modern, attractive, high-quality colour display, error log with the aim of facilitating scheduled maintenance counters,
  • aesthetic appearance interior, exterior, according to the new unified image of community bus transport in Budapest,
  • the bus is equipped with exterior and interior take off signals, thanks to the CAN system with the new door system,
  • in case of obstruction by closing the door there is a reopen possibility, allows passengers to a safe take on, and take-off,
  • there is a kneeling function comfortable, safe take-on and take-off for disabled passengers.

Our company has been responsible for:

  • create a complete vehicle system design, technical specifications, preparation of operating instructions,,
  • preparation of complete electrical documentation (electrical drawings, assembly diagrams, preparation of cabling plans),
  • complete integrated roof container designed, manufactured,
  • at fully replacing the previous vehicle control using modern vehicle's CAN controller,
  • delivery of the vehicle's CAN controller,
  • preparation for vehicle and drive control system central computer operating program,
  • complete vehicle control system and the entire power system installation, wiring and commissioning,
  • preparation of a complete body modification documentation,
  • delivery of the battery management system,
  • traction battery design, manufacture,
  • commissioning the vehicle.

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