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Hybrid locomotive

Our company was the traction and control system designer of the second narrow gauge hybrid locomotive rebuilt from an Mk48 type vehicle. During modernization the locomotive got a brand new vehicle control and traction system. The new diesel-electric traction system was supplemented with a traction battery group which got location between diesel-generator and traction systems.

Motor beépítésBesides the extreme traction power requests the diesel engine, thanks for the installed traction battery group, can be worked in optimal operating point, which results lower fuel consumption. Further the kinetic energy can be recuperated into batteries during electro-dynamic braking.

In frame of project our company accomplished the following tasks:

  • design and dimensioning of electric traction system of loco (calculations, simulations, electric schemes),
  • chosen of suitable diesel engine and main generator,
  • design of integration of diesel engine and generator further location them inside the locomotive,
  • location design of frame of electric units (power current and control boxes, water coolers, traction battery boxes, etc.) built-in engine chamber of loco,
  • dimensioning of Li based traction battery group,
  • design of traction battery containers, design of driver’s desk,
  • providing the overall electric documentation together with cable layouts,
  • manufacturing of control and traction current boxes,
  • manufacturing and supply of battery management system,
  • supply of traction motors and traction inverters,
  • design and code of system operational software,
  • put into operation and commissioning of loco.

During modernization we have used reliable, tried, manufactured in serial electric components that are suitable for operation in harsh railway circumstances which provides economical and safe operation of vehicle.

The loco is suitable for pure electric operation as well, which is useful during workshop movements and direction changing at headstations where the loco has to be switched to other end of train.

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