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Our company provides an overall service for our Customers in field of system design of electrically driven vehicles (such as trolleybuses, electric buses, diesel electric and hybrid locomotives, electric boats and free-time e-cars). Further we offers solutions in topic of smaller power vehicle traction motor (wheel-hub motor) and its connecting drive converter development.

We offer for our Customers the following activities in case of refurbishment or new vehicle design of road or rail vehicles dedicated for passenger or goods transportation:

  • elaboration of main design conception (characteristics and running simulations, energy balance estimation, etc),
  • and providing its feasibility study to finding the most economical solution to installing new, refurbished or replacing units.
  • elaboration of main arrangement, detailed design of location of traction system components
  • preparation of complete electric documentation (control and power current schemes, assembling documentation, cable layout diagrams and cable harness design),
  • preparation of software to vehicle control equipment and diagnoctic facility
  • putting into operation and test runs.

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