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Our company was established for the aim that playing significant role amongst engineering offices in Hungary practicing in field of reformatted vehicle industry.

From beginning of 1990s until today vehicle industrial companies became victims of privatizations such as Ganz Electric Works and its successor companies (Ganz-Anslado Co, Ganz Transelektro Co.). Basically the rail rolling stock manufacturing in Hungary died out the experts continued their practice abroad in similar profile, or they was forced to change their profile and worked in another segment.

Our company’s founders decided to continue the original engineering practice in another form and remain on the market, basing on the knowledge coming from years at Ganz companies.

In last years the company became a viable engineering office thanks mainly to intellectual capital and to relational capital as well. Our company, based on won projects that are full of challenges and give interesting development work, actually gives continuous employment for 6 engineers.

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